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Noida, June 30, 2022: Celebrating another milestone in its pioneering role in organ transplantation, Jaypee Hospital Noida has successfully performed over 1000 organ transplantations. The 1000 transplantations provide the opportunity to celebrate each and every gift of life that’s made possible by the generosity of the donors and their families.

The Centre of Excellence in Organ Transplantation, over the last 8 years has carried out about 1035 cases of transplantations, which includes kidney and liver. This couldn’t have been possible without the continuous efforts of:

• Dr. Amit K. Devra– Director, Coordinator Kidney Transplant Programme, Department of Urology & Kidney Transplant, 

• Dr. Anil Prasad Bhatt– Director, Department of Nephrology & Kidney Transplant,

• Dr. K R Vasudevan-Director, Department of Liver Transplant,

• Dr. Vijay Kumar Sinha– Additional Director, and Department of Nephrology & Kidney Transplant and

• Dr. Punit Singla, Additional Director, Department of Liver Transplant & Surgical Gastroenterology and the team.

Speaking on this achievement, Dr Manoj Luthra, CEO, Jaypee Hospital Noida, said “Reaching this milestone is a testament to the legacy of the Shri Jaiprakash Gaur Ji. We are continuing to strengthen our transplant programs by using less-invasive procedures for living-donor liver procurement and by adopting methods that will allow us to use organs previously deemed to be marginal. By doing so, we intend to widen access to this life-saving treatment. We are so proud of our team’s relentless spirit and dedication to seeking innovative solutions for patients and improving their quality of life – not just today, but for years to come.”

With high success rate, Jaypee Hospital is among the best super multi specialty in the country yielding optimal results with the help of a dedicated team of nephrologists and liver specialists who are having extensive experience and knowledge. Standing up with an experience of over 1000 transplants, Jaypee hospital has been able to sustain donor morbidity to an extremely low rate with zero percent mortality.

Further adding, Dr. Anil Kumar, COO, Jaypee Hospital said, “Organ donation is the noblest way to living beyond one’s death and gives others a new lease of life. Despite the significant progress made toward encouraging organ donation, the gap between the need for organs and their availability remains a serious problem. Every year thousands of life is lost due to organ failure. This gap is very unfortunate as organs from an individual can save up to 8 lives. The need of the hour is to raise awareness about the importance of organ donation. But lately, there has been a conscious rise in the rate of organ donation pledges through the coordinated efforts of various stakeholders.”

The event was aimed to felicitate brave souls who had the courage to save someone’s life by donating their own organs and thereby bust the myths related to organ donation. The event saw participation from donor and majorly donor families, who donated their organs to save someone’s life.


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