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Da One Sports: Shikhar Dhawan launches his Sports Academy & Centre of Excellence

New Delhi, August 5, 2022 : Shikhar Dhawan today launched his sports education and training organisation, Da One Sports. Da One Sports works towards establishing remarkable training for young kids, right from the grassroots level. Da One Sports will create abundant learning opportunities for every athlete and sports coaches to have a better future. Da One Sports aims to create a safe learning environment and while guiding children to enjoy their game-time. The academy has begun various programs like the ‘Grassroots Innovation Program’ and the ‘Sports Training Program’ and will focus on developing a sporting culture at a base level and eventually joining hands with schools and academies. Da One Sports, ensures the best utilization of technology that will keep a track of individual performances, progress, and skill enhancement.

The academy will undertake training of 08 sports at Grassroots and Elite level. Also, developing 4 Centre of Excellence, along with educating 500 coaches through the Coach Education Program. Their Sports and Wellness Program’s objective stands to impact 10,00,000 athletes in next 5 years.

Shikhar Dhawan, Founder, Da One Sports, said, “I feel, cricket has given me so much and I want to give in my efforts and play my part towards keeping it alive. I want to pass my knowledge and experience to the younger generation through this organisation. I believe that if we put in the best of our efforts, hum sab apne dreams ko reality mein convert kar saktehain. We are selecting the best coaches from all over India to ensure good quality training. I entrust every individual who is part of ‘Da One Sports’ has come together with a common goal of making India, a superpower nation in Sports.”

Amitesh Shah, CEO of Da One Group (An initiative by Shikhar Dhawan), said, “We are thrilled to begin yet another initiative by Shikhar Dhawan. Da One Sports programs will help children learn the required skills for various sports in an innovative manner. Da One Sports will encourage sportsmanship, leadership, team work, co-operation, etc that will help in building a better character of every individual from a young age. We are looking forward to bring a change in the way sports is trained in India.”
Srisha Bhalle, Director, Operations and Program, said, “Da One Sports motive is to provide the platform for to explore their potential with best quality training. The coaches we have chosen are the finest and the best for the job. It is planned to keep a maximum of 1:15 coach to player’s ratio for better learning and engagement. As a sports enthusiast myself, I’m excited to be a part of Da One Sports and I am looking forward to the wonderful journey unlocking.”


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