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ASSOCHAM is organising the ‘India ESG Conclave’ on 23rd September 2022

New Delhi. September 12, 2022 : With the push for the Sustainable Development Goals and the climate action movement gaining momentum, the sustainability framework is changing rapidly around the globe. COVID-19 has provided a wake-up call for investors, opening their eyes to the potential for physical risks such as global pandemics and climate change to cause much more economic damage than financial crises. The pandemic and climate change scenario has accelerated the adoption of environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing, with an aim to include a company’s environmental footprint, the way it manages relations with its stakeholders.

In India, ESG issues have become far more widespread as regulators are stepping up to the changes result of which proposed initiatives, procedures, and action plans for ESG frameworks and other related ESG standards will be turned out in the coming years. ESG will depict Balance Sheet performance with direct P&L benefits. Some organizations already implementing international standards and framework relating to integrated reporting, complying with standards provided by the Global Reporting Initiative or the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, and their alignment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

ESG Conclave will provide a platform for the industry, government, and other related stakeholders to discuss the key challenges, learn from the best practices adopted globally with key focus on framework, compliances, and regulatory procedures.

To discuss issues pertaining to ESG framework in the country, ASSOCHAM is organising the ‘India ESG Conclave’ on 23rd September 2022 at Hotel ITC Maurya in New Delhi.


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