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Women’s Economic Empowerment

Mumbai, November 22. 2022: A comprehensive policy on women’s economic empowerment would be prepared in consideration of suggestions received from all states on the subject and such a policy would be submitted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said Indevar Pandey, Secretary of Women and Child Development Ministry here today.

The 7th National Conference of the Chief Secretaries of all the states will be held from January 5-7, 2023.  A day-long workshop was organized in connection with the groundwork for this conference at the Sahyadri Guest House. Secretary Pandey was speaking at this workshop. Administrative officers of 17 states besides those of the Union Women and Child Development Ministry and Niti Ayog were present at the one-day workshop.

Union Women and Child Development Ministry Secretary Indevar Pandey expressed satisfaction with the presentation of Maharashtra and described it as comprehensive. He also said that important suggestions on the economic empowerment of women coming from the participating states in this workshop will be included in the conference which Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be presiding over. This will help in drafting a nationwide comprehensive policy for women’s economic empowerment, Pandey said.

State Chief Secretary Manukumar Shrivastava opined that the deliberations and discussions held at the workshop on women’s economic empowerment proved to be leading to a definite direction.

The Women and Child Development Department of the State have suggested many measures for the all-round development of women who constitute 50 percent of the state’s population. The discussions and deliberations held in this workshop will definitely help in framing a definite and all-comprehensive policy on women’s education, skill development, social security, and health issues, Manukumar Shrivastava exuded confidence while expressing his views at the workshop.

The Principal Secretary of the Women and Child Development Department of Maharashtra made a presentation about various measures undertaken by the state for the economic empowerment of women. Representatives of all the states participating in the workshop shared their ongoing schemes for women’s economic empowerment and also suggested some new measures that could be included in this program.

Maharashtra has been given the responsibility of Lead State of the 7th National Conference on Women’s Economic Empowerment and Tamil Nadu is honored with the status of Co-Lead State.

Additional Principal Secretary of State GAD Nitin Gadre, Principal Secretary of Transport Department Parag Jain Nanatiya, Secretary of Labor Department Vinita Singal, Principal Secretary of Women and Child Dev elopement Department I. A. Kundan, Women and Child Development Commissioner R. Vimala, Integrated Child Development Department Commissioner Rubal Agrawal, Additional Principal Secretary of Women and Child Development Department of Punjab Seema Jain, Director Tamil Nadu S. P. Kartik, Secretary Chandigarh Nikita Pawar, Secretary Daman, Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli Priyanka Kishor, Secretary Goa Arun Kumar Mishra, Director, Himachal Pradesh Rupali Thakur, Jharkhand Secretary K. S. Jha, Manipur Secretary P. Vaipahi, Meghalaya Commissioner Pravin Bakshi, Mizoral Director Lal Leen Pul, Odisha Commissioner Shubha Sharma, Pondicherry Secretary C. Udaypur were prominently present on this occasion.


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