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Meghalayan Age – The Store celebrates the first anniversary 

New Delhi, 31st January 2023Meghalayan Age – The Store in New Delhi, commemorated its first anniversary with an afternoon of art exhibitions and cultural performances. The store presents a distinctive blend of culture, tradition, and artisanal excellence in traditional offerings of Meghalaya. 

The venture was established as a dedicated solution to combat the challenges faced by small artisans and emerging entrepreneurs in the State. This launch of a physical store in New Delhi and the accessibility of products on online platforms hascreated a one-stop marketplace for buyers, curators, and art connoisseurs who are interested in the artisanal heritage of Meghalaya.

The uniqueness of the store’s entire product line stems from the fact that it is entirely homegrown, handpicked, and handcrafted by artisans and entrepreneurs. The store also provides an opportunity for artists and performers to showcase their craft to an audience, enabling them to gain recognition and creating a center of Meghalayan culture in the nation’s capital. 

The anniversary was celebrated in the august presence of Shri. Donald Phillips Wahlang, IAS, Chief Secretary to the Government of Meghalaya amidst much fanfare.

Speaking on the occasion marking the Meghalayan Age – The Store’s one-year anniversary celebration, Shri. Donald Phillips Wahlang, IAS, Chief Secretary to the Government of Meghalaya, stated, “Meghalaya is a land of unique culture and traditions, and much of the cultural heritage comes from the ancient practices of tribes engaged in different types of handicrafts. 

Meghalayan Age – The Store along with the state’s initiatives have created a unique platform for artists, which empowers them financially and gives them an opportunity to showcase their talents, strengthening our culture and bringing it closer to the rest of the country. The emphasis on the revival of local crafts and products and the showcasing of local artists and performers at the store has led to the revitalization of Meghalayan culture in the nation’s capital, creating an atmosphere of community and celebration.”



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