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Noida, February 03,  2023: World Cancer Day 2023 marks the second year of the 3-year Close the Care Gap campaign. Taking place under the theme of ‘Close the Care Gap’, Jaypee Hospital aims to inspire and encourage action from individuals and the health community to improve public awareness and access to early detection, screening, and diagnosis. Experts of Jaypee Hospital

• Dr. Sudarsan De, Director, Department of Radiation Oncology

• Dr. Malay Nandy, Director, Department of Medical Oncology

• Dr. Ashish Goel, Director, Department of Surgical Oncology

• Dr. Abhishek Gulia, Associate Director, Department of Radiation Oncology

• Dr. Nitin Leekha, Associate Director, Department of Surgical Oncology

• Dr. Atul Sharma, Senior Consultant, Department of Medical Oncology

In order to significantly increase the chances of survival for cancer patients, World Cancer Day emphasizes the need for immediate action to increase early stage cancer detection, screening, and diagnosis. Aside from innovation and medical advancements, it is also about recognizing and appreciating everyday accomplishments, such as small but impactful actions. If there are ‘gaps’ in the various stages of cancer care, such as in diagnosis, surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and palliative care, then the enhanced despair become unimaginable.

On the occasion of World Cancer DayDr. Sudarsan De, Director, Department of Radiation Oncology, Jaypee Hospital said: “The mere mention of the word ‘cancer’ sends a shiver down the spine. The mental states of cancer patients and caregivers in such a situation are beyond description. On this World Cancer Day, we want people to be aware that most cancers can be cured and many can be controlled, particularly if they are identified and dealt with as soon as possible. By detecting cancer at its earliest stage, we get the greatest opportunity to prevent millions of untimely deaths worldwide.”

In addition to the general public’s unhealthy lifestyles, there are times when patient’s environment and lifestyles choices pose too many risks for cancer. Palliative care is also urgently needed for cancer patients who are in the terminal stage.  At every stage of cancer care, there are in fact discrepancies between expectations and actual circumstances. 

Further adding, Dr. Malay Nandy, Director, Department of Medical Oncology, Jaypee Hospital said: “Cancer thrives on late presentation of the disease. The delay makes it possible for the cancer to spread and cause harm. To win the fight against cancer, we must ensure that services for the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of cancer, as well as palliative care, are integrated into benefit packages as part of efforts to attain universal health coverage.”

Lifestyle changes like eating a balanced diet, physical exercise, abstaining from alcohol and tobacco use will go a long way in attaining this objective. Such efforts will not only save them from getting cancer, but will also help preserve quality life. On this World Cancer Day, I want to encourage everyone to become familiar with the warning signs and symptoms of cancer and to never hesitate to get help right away. And timely services for needy cancer patients in turn help in truly realizing this year’s theme of Close the Care Gap,” concluded Dr. Ashish Goel, Director, Department of Surgical Oncology, Jaypee Hospital.

With the motto of “Empowering Hope, To Beat Cancer”, Jaypee Hospital is the renowned and  one stop destination for providing comprehensive cancer care centre in Delhi-NCR. Jaypee Hospital is at the forefront in laying down the benchmark for accessible world-class healthcare with the best of experienced doctors supported by an infrastructure that consists of the latest and most advanced medical technology available. Continuous up-gradation of healthcare infrastructure gives patients access to the best available treatment options and outcomes that are at par with the best in the world. 



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