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Successful Kidney Transplant of a 5-Years-Old Patient at Jaypee Hospital, Noida

Noida, March 02, 2023 : Jaypee Hospital witnessed a heart-warming moment when a 5-years-old girl underwent a successful kidney transplant surgery. Her mother selflessly donated her kidney to save her child’s life. The hours-long surgery was a glimmer of hope for the family and a testament to the immense power of a mother’s love and selflessness.

The team of doctors who successfully conducted the highly complicated kidney transplant surgery were comprised of Dr. Amit K Devra (Director), Dr. Vijay Kumar Sinha (Director), Dr. Lok Prakash Chaudhary (Senior Consultant), Dr. Ravi Kumar Singh (Consultant) and Dr. Anuj Arora (Associate Consultant). With a robust organ transplant programme, Jaypee Hospital has successfully completed more than 800 kidney transplants.

Baby had been suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD) and hypertension, and the only way to give her a good quality of life was to do kidney transplant. Her mother volunteered to be a donor and on evaluation she was found to be fit for donation.

Explaining about the surgery, Dr. Amit K Devra, Director and Coordinator of the Kidney Transplant Programme at Jaypee Hospital (Noida), said “We are delighted to share the news that our youngest kidney transplant recipient has been discharged from the hospital with a fully functioning graft. At just 5 years old and weighing less than 15 kg, her successful transplant is a testament to the incredible skill and dedication of our entire medical team. Paediatric kidney transplants are always challenging, from the anaesthetist’s careful monitoring of vital signs during the operation to the post-operative fluid management and immunosuppressant care required by our nephrologists. Our surgical team faced the added challenge of connecting an adult-sized graft to a small child, with limited space. Despite these difficulties, the three and a half hour surgery was a resounding success, with the donor kidney being harvested from the child’s own mother and connected to the major vessels of the child’s body – the common iliac artery and IVC – with great skill and precision. Immediate urine output was observed post-surgery, providing us with the reassurance that the transplant was a success.”

“We are thrilled to have accomplished a successful kidney transplant surgery on Baby, with her mother as the donor. Conducting a paediatric transplant is extremely rare and challenging, particularly in a patriarchal society where it can be difficult to convince parents of a girl child to undergo the procedure. Our nephrology team meticulously provided dialysis and other essential medical and nutritional support to improve the child’s health for a suitable surgery. Paediatric dialysis is not widely available in India, but we were determined to give baby the best possible care. After her condition improved, she underwent the transplant, which was a resounding success. Post-transplant care, particularly fluid and drug management is a mammoth task but we are happy to report that she is now thriving with normal kidney function. With the proper aftercare, we are confident that baby will grow up to be a healthy and happy child, just like any other,” concluded Dr. Vijay Kumar Sinha, Director, Department of Nephrology & Kidney Transplant, Jaypee Hospital (Noida).

The success of this surgery is a testament to the expertise and dedication of the medical professionals at Jaypee Hospital. It also highlights the power of a mother’s love and the importance of organ donation. The hospital hopes that this heart-warming story will inspire more people to donate their organs and save lives.



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