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Whispered Wisdom – Bhutanese Thangka artwork at Bikaner House, New Delhi

The Many Forms of Tara, The Many Facets of Buddha

 A riveting art exhibition deities from the land of the lotus garden of the Gods

Whispered Wisdom

Curated by Arjun Sawhney and Tania Lefebvre

April 14th -17th, 2023

11:00AM – 7:00PM

Bikaner House, New Delhi

New Delhi, April 2023: Curators Arjun Sawhney and Tania Lefebvre in collaboration with unrivaled master Buddhist artist, Zeiko, are exhibiting Whispered Wisdom, a showcase of Bhutanese Thangka artwork that pays homage to the leading female deity of Buddhism, as much as it focuses on Buddha himself. The exhibition will be spread over a period of four (4) days, at Bikaner House, New Delhi from 14th April, to 17th April, 2023

The repertoire of artwork on display span the artists’ most recent creations, each one bearing Bhutanese Thangka in their true forms, in formats that the artist has explored over his extensive journey that involved ten years of practice and learning in an effort to present homage to the leading female deity of Buddhism.

Tārā is a tantric meditation deity it is believed to originate as a form of the goddess Durga who today, is worshipped both in Buddhism and in Shaktism as one of the ten Mahavidyas. Thangkas serve as important teaching tools, visually unfolding the life of the Buddha, and other deities and bodhisattvas.  The art of Bhutanese Thangkas exemplifies legends, stories and deities from Mahayana Buddhism. 

The canvases exhibited are created under the strict guidelines of Buddhist scriptures as the work encompasses symbolism and allusion, and are explicitly religious. Each Thangka is created with various elements mixed meticulously and involves earthly pigments and minerals such as 24 karat gold and other natural colours. 


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