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Who is Constable Girpade and why is everyone thanking him?

Mumbai, October 5th: You know how police officers often have their pictures taken when they crack big cases? A lot of similar images propped up over the internet featuring a Constable Girpade, helping people by cracking cases. 

Doing viral rounds amongst the influencers and meme pages, these posts popped up on Instagram all thanking Constable Girpade. Although they were thanking him for returning their lost belongings, no one could see his face or figure out who is the face behind this virtuous deed. 

The buzz was taken a notch higher when popular content creators like Just_neel_things, Khushaal Pawar and Gaurav Gera also started talking about this mysterious personality. This intrigued people’s curiosity and they responded to this by asking multiple questions like: ‘But who is this Constable Girpade?,’ ‘I want to know what he looks like,’ and ‘My scooty was lost, could you help me find it too?’

Wondering who he is?

The mystery was solved when Amazon miniTV launched the trailer of the show and it was revealed that actor and content creator, Khushaal Pawar, is the face behind Constable Girpade. Also revealing that the audience can watch more of him as Constable Girpade in his upcoming show on Amazon miniTV.

The innovative approach of Amazon miniTV’s marketing campaign, coupled with the enthusiastic participation of digital creators, has successfully generated significant buzz for the upcoming show. This made #ConstableGirpade took the #2 trending spots on Instagram as well as on X and led to people searching for Constable Girpade on google as well. As the excitement continues to build, fans and viewers eagerly await the premiere of Constable Girpade, eagerly anticipating the unique and entertaining content it promises to deliver. The campaign was conceptualized and executed by SoCheers, an independently led creative digital advertising agency. 



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