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Cabs Paraforce launches taxi services

New Delhi, April 23, 2024 : Cabs Paraforce, a purpose driven venture empowering retired army, paramilitary, and police personnel, launched its cab services today at the Constitution Club of India.  The chief guests of the launch event were Mr. Deepak Punia and Mr. Yogeshwar Dutt, both being world renowned wrestlers and Ms. Janice Darbari, Hon’ble Ambassador of Montenegro. In the first phase of their launch, the cab services have initially been introduced in Delhi-NCR and Hyderabad.

Women’s safety, especially while travelling at night through different cab services, has been a much less talked about issue for quite a while. Even the number of reported cases of crimes committed against them, has witnessed a sharp increase, over the past few years. In all this, Cabs Paraforce has taken the plunge to be the first startup cab services provider to recruit retired army, paramilitary, and defence personnel from all ranks and order, as their Cab Captains, for advanced safety and convenience of the commuters.

Speaking about the launch of the cab services, Mr. Deepak Mudgal, Founder and Director of Cabs Paraforce said, ‘Through the launch of Cabs Paraforce, we are much content with the fact that our commuters can feel more than secure in our cabs, and can even travel at any time and from anywhere without having to worry about their security. We even believe that the crimes against women, specifically in the taxi industry, would come down with our advanced security features.’ Talking about the expansion of the services, he further said, ‘Initially, we are introducing our cab services to Hyderabad and Delhi. However, in future, we would expand our network across other cities as well, to ensure that a complete environment of safe travelling may be created in our country.’  



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