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Advanced Data Management and Security Solutions by Synology

New Delhi, April 24, 2024  : Synology, a global leader in data management and security solutions, today unveiled their new solutions and products aimed at addressing the growing challenge posed by ransomware attacks in a press briefing in New Delhi on Wednesday.

The event, along with the launch of the new advanced data management and security solutions against the rising ransomware threats in India also focused on addressing the evolving landscape of data management and security trends, particularly in the context of the Indian market.

With the enactment of the Digital Personal Data Protection Act (DPDPA) continuing to shape data management practices for businesses in India, Synology shed light on the challenges faced by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in adhering to stricter data governance requirements. These include data breach notification protocols, data subject rights management, and the appointment of Data Protection Officers (DPOs) in certain cases.

In addition to addressing compliance challenges related to stricter DPDPA requirements, the event also focused on pressing cybersecurity concerns. These included recent data breaches such as the Polycab and AIIMS incidents, in which it took AIIMS more than 2 weeks to fully recover the data and operations, ransomware attacks targeting Indian businesses, and cloud security risks associated with data residency and provider trustworthiness.

A live session was also conducted demonstrating Synology’s exclusive backup solutions from the Active Backup Suite and Snapshot Replication. This showcase highlighted practical approaches, including prevention of malicious access, backup solutions addressing accidental deletion and ransomware threats, and streamlined data recovery processes. The emphasis was on the importance of a comprehensive backup strategy in combating ransomware attacks. Amongst the key highlights, three critical phases of a robust data protection process using Synology’s dedicated solutions were showcased:



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