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‘Dish TV Smart+’ Services, Offering TV and OTT on Any Screen, Anywhere

New Delhi, April 29, 2024: Dish TV, has taken a path-breaking initiative to redefine the entertainment experience in India. The leading DTH provider in a first-of-its-kind move has announced its ground-breaking proposition ‘Dish TV Smart+’. This launch marks a pioneering milestone in the industry, providing customers access to TV and OTT content on any screen, anywhere, without any additional cost. It ensures convenience, flexibility, and enhanced entertainment options, empowering customers to tailor their viewing experience.

Actress Shefali Shah who unveiled Dish TV Smart+ services said, “As an actor, I’ve always believed that the platform doesn’t matter as much as the quality of the content. Whether it’s a big screen, a small screen, or a streaming platform, if the story is compelling and the characters are well-written, that’s where the true magic happens. I see the value in bundling services for customers. It’s like getting a ticket to a movie and having access to all the behind-the-scenes features, director’s commentary, and deleted scenes. Bundling enhances the overall experience and provides more value for the audience anytime and everywhere, and Dish TV is leading the way with Dish TV Smart+ Services!”

Commenting on the new proposition, Manoj Dobhal, CEO of Dish TV India Limited, stated, “Since its inception, Dish TV has transformed the entertainment consumption landscape, pioneering new ways for people to enjoy their favourite content. With this new proposition, we are poised to make an even greater difference, setting a new standard for immersive and accessible entertainment experiences. The launch of ‘Dish TV Smart+’ Services represents more than just a proposition; it embodies the vision to redefine entertainment consumption in India, which is getting smarter and bigger. In a market flooded with options, customers often find themselves overwhelmed. We aim to simplify their choices by offering a holistic and complete entertainment solution. We firmly believe that both traditional television and OTT platforms are indispensable in today’s age, and with our proposition, we aim to reaffirm their equal importance.” 

Mr. Sukhpreet Singh, Corporate Head of Marketing, Dish TV & Watcho, said, “With ‘Dish TV Smart+’ Services, we’re not just introducing a new proposition; we’re leading a paradigm shift in entertainment consumption. Through our multi-channel marketing approach, we are committed to directly engaging with consumers, ensuring broad awareness and adoption. As a brand, we prioritize staying ahead of trends and adapting to evolving audience preferences. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our strategy, and we are committed to delivering unparalleled entertainment experiences that cater to their diverse preferences and lifestyles.”



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