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 Golf Industry Association (GIA) announces Annual Golf and Turf Summit 2023

Gurugram, October 4, 2023: The Golf Industry Association (GIA) has announced the staging of its Annual GIA Golf and Turf Summit 2023. The Summit is scheduled to take place at the prestigious DLF Golf and Country Club on October 5th-6th. This event will bring together golf industry professionals, leaders, and enthusiasts from around the world, providing a valuable platform for sharing insights, networking, addressing key challenges and opportunities, and fostering innovation and growth in the golf industry.

The Summit will be inaugurated by Mrs. Kavita Singh, President of the Women’s Golf Association of India (WGAI), with other notable speakers including Mr. Brijinder Singh, President of the Indian Golf Union, and Mr. Aakash Ohri, Joint Managing Director of DLF Home Developers Ltd.

In a first for the Summit, a dedicated GIA Greens Section has been established, and an educational conference for greenskeepers will run concurrently with the main event. Over 50 greenskeepers will participate in a workshop led by Australian Agronomist Bruce MacPhee, enhancing their knowledge of various aspects of golf course maintenance. Greenskeepers are responsible for the maintenance of golf courses, encompassing a wide range of horticultural tasks, from tending to lush greens and fairways to precisely placing flagsticks and marking hazards. The event will also feature an exhibition where companies will showcase their latest offerings.

Anil Seolekar, President of GIA, expressed his excitement about hosting the Summit at the prestigious DLF Golf and Country Club, stating, “The GIA annual summit has grown year on year, as is evident from the list of confirmed speakers and global companies who have made this their annual stop in India. The two-day Summit promises to be a great platform for the exchange of ideas, networking, discussions, and showcasing of the latest technology by various companies. The GIA continues to be the catalyst for the growth of golf and the business of golf in India.” GIA is collaborating with other golfing associations, namely PGTI, WGAI, and IGU, in support of the Summit, as all share the definite purpose of growing the game.

The Summit will feature notable international speakers from the World Golf Industry who will share their expertise on various golf-related topics. Many exhibitors will also highlight their contributions to the ‘Make in India’ initiative, aligning their efforts with leading international brands. Keynote speakers include Mr. Mike Sebastian, CEO of Asian Golf, Singapore, Mr. Gregg Patterson, Founder of Tribal Magic, Mr. Chris Gray, Head of Sustainable Golf & Agronomy, Asia Pacific, R&A, and Mr. Bruce MacPhee, Senior Agronomist at ASTMA. Leading companies such as Toro, Rainbird, Jacobsen, EZGO, Wiedenmann, and fertilizer manufacturers will share their valuable insights into turf maintenance.

The event will be attended by prominent bureaucrats from various ministries, golf course owners, industry stakeholders, turf care equipment manufacturers, golf cart producers, irrigation experts, and suppliers of golf equipment and accessories.

GIA, established in 2011, was founded by Mr. Anirudha (Anil) Seolekar of Oxford Golf Resort, serving as the association’s Founder President, along with Mr. Philip Ryan of PCD Golf Design, Australia. GIA was created to provide a platform for golf courses and business vendors in the industry, contributing to the growth of golf in India. As a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the game and industry of golf and its associated businesses, GIA is committed to various endeavors. These include the establishment of golf courses, facilitating government interactions for import concessions, attracting investments for new golf courses and clubs, and fostering golf tourism in India. Additionally, GIA conducts research to document the growth of the golf economy in India.



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