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Ramleela of Ayodhya from Oct. 14-24, 2023

New Delhi, October 2, 2023 : Today, at the press conference of Ayodhya’s Ramlila, BJP State President Virendra Sachdeva and MLA Om Prakash Sharma, Heera School President Pawan Vats and Ayodhya’s Ramlila patron Raghav Marwah were present at Le-Meridian Hotel.

While addressing the conference, he said that Ayodhya’s Ramlila  It is the world’s biggest Ramlila, last year more than 25 crore Ram devotees saw the Ramlila of Ayodhya, this year we are trying that more than 50 crore Ram devotees see the Ramlila of Ayodhya, I thank all the journalists for their Ayodhya. 

It plays an important role in Ramlila.  We started Ramlila of Ayodhya during the Corona period, at that time Ramlila was not being shown anywhere.  We started Ramlila at Ayodhya, the birthplace of Shri Ram. I am very happy that when we watch Ramlila of Ayodhya on TV, it feels like watching the old Ramayana series on TV.

President of Ramlila of Ayodhya, Subhash Malik (Bobby  While addressing the press conference, General Secretary Shubham Malik said that Ayodhya’s Ramlila is the biggest Ramlila in the world. Ram devotees watch it sitting in their homes.

 Today Ramlila of Ayodhya is the biggest Ramlila in the world.  Till now more than 25 crore Ram devotees have watched it.  Ramleela of Ayodhya has been seen in every corner of the world, we try to see a new form of Ramleela of Ayodhya every year.

More than 16 crore Ram devotees watched it in 2020.  In 2021, more than 22 crore Ram devotees had seen and in 2022 more than 25 crore had seen Ayodhya’s Ramlila.  This is the fourth edition of Ramlila of Ayodhya. Every year we get the blessings of Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Chairman of Ramlila Committee of Ayodhya, Subhash Malik (Bobby) and General Secretary Shubham Malik said that this time Ramlila will be on Ram Katha from 14 October to 24 October.  Like every year in Naya Ghat, this year also Ramlila of Ayodhya will be shown live from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm on our YouTube channel and Doordarshan and will also be shown on many satellite TV channels.



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